Tuesday, March 15, 2011

cuti sekolah

hols one week . and my toughts is : hell yeahh --'
otak celaru jea, awal awal lagi da nanges bagai T-T

gonna miss you a lot. thanks for making me like disaster on the exam week. every single things that i read in the study room, none of it appear to be useful through my exams. all bcause of you. yea sure did you gave my heart flew away with all you sights on me. daaaa~ sapa yg ta cair bila a guy tgk dea mcm jazz tgk faa kan? bila fikir balik, faa tatahu la cmne klu jazz da tade dkt sana. sapa lagi na give me that look kan. so, i'll try to adapt to that new situation that is no you anymore :'( even i was kinda good in adapt in new situation, but i'm pretty not sure i can in this situation. so God, give me the strength will ya :( JIAH, be a good boy. iloveyou and i'll always do :)

homework? jgn tanya. cukup 10 subjects spm okay --' sgt damn. tapi redha jelaaa. na spm la katakan cewahhh :D ta saba rasanya na habes skolah :P and yg paling ta sabar skrg is hari results spm 2010 :) waaaaa rindunya seniorssss ! big apple big apple ! jgn lupa yea thaqib :D

and at the end , i'm sure he's the one :)

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