Friday, November 19, 2010

hari raya aidiladha :)

morning it starts with pak yeop's family .
well just him and his wife .
bringing food and bla bla bla .

then on noon , abah yong's family came ,
while abah yong is at mecca right now ,
working there ,
i wasn't at ipoh on the day he flew to mecca .
okay his family was great :)
nabil , later on i upload gamba ardini and sofea :)

night appears ,
then mak ndak's family came .
kakak with abg hilmi and his NIKON and hazim ,
kak ngah with abg shuhaimie and their irfan (who now know how to talk ! )
okay skrg kak ngah dah jadi salesWOman utk onedropperfumes :D
sgt lah best tgk deaorg menghidu dume perfume yg ada .
saya ta beli pun , tga miskin :P
haha kak ngah offer free , tapi tetap tak amek , takut mcm berhutang pulak kan LOL :P
then , smbg dgn abg hilmi mcm mcm la (psl teknik :P)
then BYE BYE :)

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